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Assembly Roxy Lab April 2021

Our week at #AssemblyRoxy was invaluable for #WhenMountainsMeet. Since the COVID 19 pandemic this was the first time we were finally able to meet as a team in a real space (after hours on zoom), and really start devising together: playing, exploring, experimenting, making, singing, laughing.

Roxy Central offered an amazing space for our explorations in digital projection. You can see the very initial stages of in the mapping in the picture to the left.

We started our musical composition using improvisations from the imagery and script we had been developing from our Make Do and Mend Development. We were also able to use Roxy Downstairs for script development, making the most of the time and space available.

Caroline and Michael were both hugely supportive and the opportunity for a low-key sharing just with the #Assembly team was exactly what we needed at this stage.

We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity and know that the project has taken a substantial step forward thanks to this supported week.

Assembly Roxy

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