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Inspired by composer Anne Wood’s true story, When Mountains Meet/Jub Milain Pahaar is gig theatre with Scottish/South Asian inspired original music and striking visual images that recount Anne's adventures as she leaves Edinburgh for an unforgettable voyage through Pakistan with her newly found father.​

"This is my story. My mother is Scottish. My father was Pakistani. In my early twenties, I found the father I had never met, visited Karachi, and experienced generous hospitality and cultural riches. I also discovered that being a professional musician and an illegitimate woman accorded me little status in Pakistan. I had arrived but didn’t know who to be. I needed to find my own way to thrive."

When Mountains Meet explores family relationships, love and nurture, navigating different cultures, language and music to overcome prejudice and conflicting emotions when we yearn to belong.

When Mountains Meet premiered in Janurary 2023 as part of Celtic Connections Festival and will be touring in Spring 2024.

Find out more about our journey and development process below. 

The mountains of Pakistan
Anne Wood and her violin


Underpinning the whole essence of When Mountains Meet is our music, composed by writer Anne Wood in collaboration with Rakae Jamil, Rick Wilson and Mary Macmaster.

An arch in Pakistan
The When Mountains Meet work in progress performance

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